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Custom Cake Topper for Kidney Transplant Anniversary, Kidneyversary cake topper, any year

Custom Cake Topper for Kidney Transplant Anniversary, Kidneyversary cake topper, any year

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Created for Kidney Transplant Warriors, what better way to complement your celebratory Kidneyversary cake on the anniversary of your Transplant than with the perfect custom cake topper?
As a heart transplant recipient myself, it is important to me to celebrate every step in this incredible journey, especially on the anniversary of my Transplant. With this cake topper, You or your Loved One can have a truly special addition to your cake that will really make it stand out and help make your celebration even more memorable.

♡ Available sizes in width:
7" plus approx. 4" of stake height

Please keep in mind that the height of the topper varies based on the width. The stake will always be approximately 4" tall. Contact us if you need a different size of topper or a shorter/longer stake height.
♡ If you choose a color topper, the bottom portion of your stake will NOT be painted to ensure proper food safety precautions. ♡ For an easy DIY project, or if you prefer to use a custom color of your choice, choose either unfinished wood or MDF. Unfinished wood also looks lovely in itself, as it provides a beautiful contrast between the light wood and the dark brown cut marks along the edges where the laser cut it, giving your topper a rustic look.
♡ If you choose DIY (unfinished wood or MDF), there may be some slight discoloration and burn marks, but nothing significant.
Our Acrylic Cake Toppers (if available) are food-safe; simply insert them into the top tier of your cake for a unique and sweet addition.

Please note that the metallic paint used for the color toppers is not food-safe (that's why we do not paint the stake part of the cake topper).

We suggest wrapping the part of the stake that's going inside the cake with cling/saran wrap film or, alternatively, place a straw the height of your cake inside your cake and insert the topper stake inside it if you intend to eat the part of the cake where the stake is in :) We won't spray the stake that's going into the cake to ensure proper food-safety precautions as well.

1. Please leave the year you want for your topper below
2. Choose the color and size of your cake topper
3. We can also customize a cake topper for heart, lung, liverversary, or any other transplant celebration; just be sure to note it in the customization section below.

Our custom cake toppers are the perfect combination of sturdy and delicate. Sturdy for your cake and beautifully delicate in presentation to compliment your cake. The cake toppers are made from 1/8" birch wood, MDF, or acrylic (if you can't see it listed, ask us about our acrylic colors). Please note that gold/silver and rose gold cake toppers will be cut from MDF or birch as metallic colors are stunning on them. Please choose your color choice from the drop-down menu. Colors may vary slightly from screen to screen.
Pictured is a 5" Silver cake topper.

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