About Bloom & Anchor

Hi there! I'm Hajnalka


I am an artist, crafter, passionate photographer, and the owner of Bloom & Anchor, a one-woman-owned small business dedicated to creating something truly unique and meaningful for you.

Born and raised in Hungary, after my first move as a young military spouse, I was eager to decorate our first home while making new friends and putting our roots down. It wasn't easy. I was thousands of miles from home, in a country I didn't grow up in, surrounded by a culture I wasn't familiar with.

Over two decades as a military spouse and 10+ moves later, I now know that our HOME does not tie us to a specific mailing address; instead, it's a place where we can grow as a family. A space you put your little touches on to make it your own. With every move, we face new challenges that force us to embrace change. We say goodbye to old friends, make new ones, grow roots (=anchor), and prosper wherever life takes us (=bloom).

Our military lifestyle and my Hungarian heritage have given me amazing opportunities to travel and explore, inspiring me to create many products I offer in my shop. 


Several years ago, a friend asked me to make her a military duty station sign that chronicles their many moves and significant life events. Her absolute joy in seeing the personalized sign inspired me to make one for my family. With over 100 duty station signs and happy customers, I know such a home décor item can quickly become your favorite piece, or as I like to call it, a "true conversation starter".


I continuously challenge myself to learn and try new ideas. With the recent addition of a Glowforge laser printer, I can make your vision come to life and provide you with a wide variety of personalized and meaningful gifts for your special event. If you own a laser printer, I also offer digital laser files to let you make and personalize your gift items. If you are considering purchasing an extremely user-friendly laser printer, contact me if you have any questions and I'll be happy to send you a unique discount code for one of these outstanding Glowforge laser printers.

My goal is to provide you with carefully curated handmade products that bring you joy and special meaning, provide comfort where words fail, spark a beautiful memory, inspire, and lift you in your everyday. 

I create every single item with much love and care, don't cut corners, and don't rush. From my small home studio, I design, create, take photos, pack your item, and interact with you.

I welcome custom requests to provide you with something truly unique and meaningful for you.

Thank you for visiting Bloom And Anchor and supporting my small business!



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