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Hungarian Vizsla BOY pointer dog Felt Embroidery Ornament

Hungarian Vizsla BOY pointer dog Felt Embroidery Ornament

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The Vizsla is a beloved dog breed originating from Hungary, a high-energy, family-loving dog.

This ornament was created for all who are proud parents of a Vizsla BOY or ever owned a sweet 'Velcro' dog. 

The round Vizsla ornament is approximately 5" (L) x 4  1/2" (W). The beige front felt is embroidered with high-quality embroidery thread, shows a Vizsla head outline with a bow tie, and has golden-color stitching around the ornament's sides.

It can be personalized. Please leave a note during checkout with the pup's initial and the color of the thread for the initial.

It's not only a must-have Christmas tree decoration for any Vizsla parent (past, present, and future) but is perfect for tying onto a present, using it as a pin cushion, and it also makes a wonderful and unique party or wedding favor.

For the Vizsla GIRL ornament in the third image click here

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