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Additional board for your Military Duty Station Sign

Additional board for your Military Duty Station Sign

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Have you recently PCSd? Ready to add a new duty station to your existing sign? Welcome back!

**When ordering, please include:
1, duty station name (as well as state or country, if desired)

2, date (if this is your first board to add to your main board and you would like to add dates, you can include the dates of your tour in different formats, e.g., Jan. 2017 - Jan. 2019 or just 2017 -2019, or just 2017 (the year you PCSd)

3, any images/symbols, if desired
** the following images can be added to your sign without any additional charge:
- deployment ribbon (yellow or white -please specify
- baby feet (please specify color - blue, pink, or white)
- wedding rings (silver, gold or white - choose one)
- paw prints or cat/dog silhouette, white (I am happy to see if I have a silhouette of your dog's breed)
- graduation cap (white)
- house silhouette (white)

If you don't see an image you'd like to add to your board or have a completely different design in mind, please contact me before placing an order to ensure I can meet your needs. Symbols/images not listed above can be added for a small charge.

Production of each sign is started once the order is placed. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for the sign to be completed and mailed.
If you need a rush order . . . please consider purchasing a 'rush my order' upgrade (found in the shop section 'Upgrade').

Thank you for visiting Bloom And Anchor

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