Key Fobs / Key rings

Key fobs are a great solution to have your keys handy at all times. Having a key fob makes it easier to find your keys in your purse, favorite backpack, diaper bag or gym bag and they are convenient to have on you when you don’t want to lug around a bag at all.

They are also perfect for:

  • The mom/dad who is always on-the-go, juggling kids, groceries, and so much more!
  • The active woman/man who doesn't want to be weighed down... for a walk, quick errands, going to the market or grabbing coffee
  • for students who just need a few things with them for class.  
  • Your children's teachers, coaches caregivers/babysitters, bus drivers
  • Party favors including Bridal Parties
  • Coworkers, service workers
  • Your best friend
  • Luggage tags or zipper charms on your favorite backpacks, sport or team bag
  • Stocking stuffers
  • YOU!